What is BitcoinAdvertising.com?

BitcoinAdvertising.com is a bitcoin advertising server. You create your own advertisement with text and a link to your site and this will be served on participating websites.


How does it work?

Participating websites add a banner link into their web site and when someone clicks on it the participating site gets a bitcoin fee awarded to them.


Do you allow flash advertisements?

No sorry, text & images only at this time.


How often do I get paid?

You will be issued your bitcoins every .25 BTC earned.


What are the rules for ads?

No illegal products or services are allowed but adult themed content is acceptable.


I have a question or a problem, who should I contact?

Contact the site administrators using the contact form and we will try to respond to your inquiry as fast as possible. If you are an advertiser with a question about your ad please include all the text of your advertisement in your message. If you are a partner website with a question about the service please include your Partner ID (Bitcoin address) and the website domain name.